Sound Lounge: Concept coffee table integrated with music system

Integrating music systems with furniture pieces is no new concept. Be it the unique Boom bench or the Surround sofa, each creation depicts the beautiful union of hi-tech technology with furniture pieces. Taking this alliance further is designer Sharifah Nasser who has designed this concept “Sound Lounge.” A concept for Sony, it is a coffee table that doubles as a sound system as well. Available in a choice of aluminum and brushed metal or GUNMETAL, this coffee table is one fine ‘tuned’ creation. The sound system is cleverly hidden in the coffee table; when revealed, you can feast your eyes on the touchscreen music navigation system and the CD or MP3 format choice. Sleek and stylish, this table is great for every music buff.

Although just a concept, when ready, this coffee table is sure to have a luxurious piece of furniture.



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