Styled as a Nuclear explosion this is the coolest night lamp we have ever seen

Designers find inspiration in the strangest of things. And proving so is a maverick artist who has recently created a night lamp that looks exactly like a Nuclear Explosion Bomb. Yes, you heard us right!

A diorama model of a mushroom cloud, the quirky night light is conceptualized by Etsy shop Evil Incorporated. It is made using fiberglass, metal, and plastic, along with metal wire, wood, and synthetic and real cotton. The exclusive lamp is further airbrushed for a realistic look and is illuminated using an A/C powered with a 5W filament LED light bulb.

The eclectic nuclear explosion light is handcrafted which means buyers will need to make peace with slightly varying version and wait anywhere between 4-6 weeks to receive orders. The lamps however packaged inside a 5-layer cardboard box, wrapped several times with bubble wrap and stretch film to ensure that it reaches its destination in one-piece.

It makes an ideal gift for lovers of science or simply all things nuclear and is currently available for purchase online on for $ 30.95. Move over regular lamp posts, it’s time to get home a bomb of a light!

[Available at: Etsy]

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