Stylish and Classy Juicy Couture Poker Set

Juicy Couture has to its credit some of the best designer products. And their latest Juicy Couture Poker Set is definitely a treat for all Poker champs. The stylish black wooden case with the Juicy Couture logo embossed in the front surely gives this set a classy look. It contains all the necessary elements for a game of poker: two decks of cards; screen-printed chips, five dice, and a dealer chip. This case looks so neat; you will carry it wherever you go. A great accessory to help you achieve that suave and stylish look, this case is definitely a winner.

So if you are feeling lucky just bring out your set and get ready to make some cash, thanks to this amazing Poker set by Juicy Couture. An excellent case, it is sure to add some style to this game of luck.

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