Swarovski Honeycomb lighting system animates the walls and ceilings

It seems to be raining lights on me, so this might be actually a bright day after all. If that’s the way your mind is going too, then lighting up your walls with Swarovski enabled crystals system called Honeycomb is the way to go! Available for ceilings and walls, the set up uses Swarovski fiber-optical lighting system to illuminate rooms. The set up uses a special composition of the Honeycomb system in concentric light circles of varying depths that change continuously based on the viewing angle and distance of the viewer.

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“Architectural Element with fiber-optical illumination” using 6 mm bead crystals that shine when light fall on it. The crystals are available in Crystal, Blue AB, Silver Shade, Golden Teak, and Jet hues on a transparent and black back plate. Per square meter can accommodate 23,000 beads.
While the standard ceiling size is prescribed at 595 x 595 mm and for the walls is set 3,000 x 1,300 mm. As for fibre optic light points 7 – 10 light points is recommended for the ceiling fixtures while the walls need 20 – 30 light points per meter square. The ceiling installation weights about “6.5 kg / m² for Honeycomb front panel (595 x 595 mm with 50% crystal filling) and approx. 1.6 kg / m² for mirror back plate” and for the wall it is “11.5 kg / m² for Honeycomb front panel (with 50% crystal filling) and approx. 7.3 kg / m² for mirror back plate”.
[Swarosvski via PSFK]

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