Swarovski-studded soda maker adds sparkle to merry-making

If bling is your style, then you will love the Swarovski studded soda maker from SodaStream, the world leader in home produced sparkling drinks. More than 1200 Swarovski crystals embedded on the body have transformed an ordinary looking soda maker in to an ultra-luxe piece of art. The Swarovski crystals are arranged in a way to resemble water droplets on the body of the soda maker. It will certainly add a touch of elegance and not to forget some sparkle not only to your drink but also to the ambience.

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Available in a variety of colors like red, titan, white and silver, the Crystal Soda Stream is easy to use and helps serve sparkling drinks in an instant. It also includes trendy glass carafe for carbonation. Limited only to 50 pieces it can be purchased exclusively from the online shop at SodaStream. The complete kit includes a drink maker, gas carbonator and two glass carafes. At $536 it could well be one of the most expensive soda makers available in the market.

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