Swimmill- Swim away to glory!

Don’t know how to swim? No problem. You don’t need to learn to swim to enjoy all its benefits. Swimmill is the aquatic version of the treadmill that allows you to swim without changing your position. In fact, this contraption is so cool that I wouldn’t mind un-learning all swimming techniques and enjoy myself with ‘Swimmill’. So how exactly is this like a treadmill in water??? Its simple, the water current produced by Swimmill is the one that moves, just as the treadmill belt does while you are jogging.

Its an amazing thing to own if your favourite hobby is swimming or if you intend to take it up professionally. Swimmill makes the length of your pool infinite and allows you to enjoy swimming for any time or distance you choose in your own home. Its a bit expensive for $5900, but you just have to get this once and your are done for life. Swim-a-long on this aquatic treadmill.

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