That’s luxury – Ford’s new power seats adjusts individually to each butt cheek

The ergonomics of seating in a vehicle isn’t something that companies like Ford take likely; after all, it’s just as important as the drive itself, seeing as that’s pretty much the major part of being inside a car. So for those like Jonathan Line, who happen to be seat innovation supervisors for Ford and specifically for the new Lincoln, this is not a cushy job, it’s one that he can’t just handle sitting down… or can he? The company has actually taken the ergonomics of comfortable car seating to whole new level with their new 30-way power seats concept (but possible soon to be in production) for the Lincoln Continental’s seating arrangement.

Line had this to say in a recent interview, “We’re really taking it from a health and wellness angle… [delivering] a holistic approach for comfort and relaxation – stress relief – to the customer in ways they can’t get it today.” He’s referring to the outrageously suave looking 30-way power, ultra swanky, ultra comfortable, ultra ergonomic seating system that even has individually adjustable settings for your rear-end… not the car’s, we mean yours… and both cheeks individually.
Ford new power seats 2
With 30 variable options to adjust the seat, from added lumbar support to positions that would best suite you needs to prevent spinal and posterior discomfort and even make driving more comfortable where one leg is usually extended for the accelerator, the new concept seating system is designed for optimal comfort. The best part is that the seats aren’t being designed specifically for the front individual seating, but would also make their way to the rear as well.
Ford new power seats 3
The New Continental Concept will be showcased soon but the company is hinting as production seats being made available in perhaps the not so-distant-future. Basic features like heating and cooling are naturally part of the makeup as well and premium materials like Venetian-leather would be part of the design that would also incorporate a rolling-pattern massage type system that could help reduce muscle fatigue by keeping leg- and lower-back muscles and blood vessels stimulated. It’s company innovations like these that make you just want to get of your posteriors and place them inside of these cars.
Ford new power seats 4

[Via – Cnet]

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