The ‘Firstcall’ chair is shaped like a classic old phone; offers noise-free environment and privacy

Do you remember how it was falling in love and blushing every time your crush called in, you wanted to run to a quieter place? The time when your wife screamed at you for not calling the plumber or your boss briefing you about next meeting; and you were caught in public wishing the background noise could douse or you could be invisible just for the time being so one notices your facial expression. Well ‘Firstcall’ chair is designed to keep your personal conversation from escaping out while its doughnut like backrest is inclined in such a way so as to hide your face.

Developed by Dutch designer Ruud van Wier in collaboratin with manufacturer Easy NoiseControl, the ‘Firstcall’ chair is made in a recognizable shape of a classic old phone. It has sound-absorbing upholstery to block surrounding noise ensuring you can concentrate despite being surrounded by people.

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The design of the First Call phone chair is directed to short calls. It is therefore not chosen an easy chair where you can doze or not to stand out. Suitable locations include offices, waiting rooms, showrooms, shops, and public places such as airports or scholarships.

The chair is available in 32 colors across the Firstcall retals at Easy NoiseControl for €2,900 (or around $3,970).

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[Available at Ruw-Interieur-Architectuur]

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