The King-of-All Lamps: This lifesized Lion floor light will change your living space forever

Who said Lions are only kingly in their jungles? Even in the form of floor lamps, they seem to retain much of their majesty! Don’t believe us? Check out Haoshi Design’s latest structure that comes in the form of a gigantic white Lion with a ring of golden light around its neck. Apart from being a stunning lamp post, the edifice also makes a good decorative for any lone corner of your house.

The exclusive replication of the great cat is made from fiber-reinforced plastics, with an iron fixed support and is fitted with a sleek collar of sorts. And while you’d probably expect the whole of the creature’s aluminum varnished body to light up, it is only his meek little collar that does the job for you. Guess minimalism is key after all! If, however, this doesn’t yet cut it for you, the life-size lamp post can also be used to scare off any intruders from sneaking in after dark!

The Lion X floor light comes in the following dimensions – 70″ wide x 26.5″ deep x 50″ tall and is being sold for a hefty price of $6,999 USD! If you’ve got tons of money to spare and would’nt quite mind a life-life Lion as your room partner, you may as well hop on to Hoashi’s official website to buy yourself the King-of-lamps! (quite literally!)

[Available at :Gnr8]

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