The Lumio Book lamp is every bibliophile’s fantasy come to life!

We all have that one bookaholic friend who has read every novel worth reading and still has a reading list that looks like a phone book. It’s not hard to shop for them at all, you need only give them a Barnes & Noble gift card and they turn into happy children. But if you’re in the mood to go above and beyond this gift description then you (and your book loving friends!) will adore this book-lamp called Lumio.

When closed, it looks like an ordinary notebook, but when opened, it’s the most interesting light fixture you’ve seen. Its pages are actually water-resistant Tyvek with LED lights inside that offer a creative and bookish take on illumination! The multifunctional lamp comes with a custom orange micro-USB charger and magnetic wooden pegs for mounting. Also included is a leather strap that you can use to suspend the lamp.
San Francisco-based designer Max Gunawan created this cool fixture by combining concepts from origami with his interest in flexible, adaptable lighting solutions. The result is a lamp that’s every bibliophile’s delight and even has an 8-hour battery life!
The original Lumio comes in walnut and maple wood finishes and is priced at $190 each. But you can also buy smaller variations with magnetic spine covers priced at $125.

[ Available at : Hellolumio ]

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