The luxury home checklist

Whether you’re in the market for a new home or simply want to spruce up your current digs, it’s not that difficult to get the luxury interior look without necessarily spending a fortune. We’re not exactly going to be getting helipads and gold-plated bath taps, but changes don’t have to be big to get the luxury home that you deserve.

Here’s a list of things to consider if you really want to give your home a taste of extravagance, even if you don’t necessarily live an indulgent lifestyle!

It’s a well-known fact that mirrors are fantastic for making rooms look bigger than they actually are. To make rooms look more airy and bright, mirrors are essential. As expected, different styles of mirrors will suit different rooms. Why not hang a big, framed mirror above the mantelpiece in the front room and deck out your bedroom with a luxurious full-length number? Mirrors help to draw the eye around the room and reflect light, so it’s a smart design choice to accommodate mirrors wherever you can.

Door knobs
A seemingly small design change can make all the difference. Swapping old, worn out door knobs for something bright and sparkly can add a fantastic touch to any room in your home. For an extra touch of luxury, swap all the doorknobs in your home for the same crystal, embellished design.

A splash of colour can add a little luxury to any room, and what better to do it than with a beautiful bouquet of flowers? Whether you choose plastic flowers or replenish a bouquet of live flowers once every two weeks, make sure you pick the right vase. Even though it seems like a tiny effort, bold colours on vases can make all the difference in an otherwise bland room. If you’re feeling especially daring, a statement design or unusual shape can look fantastic in the front room, or even in the bathroom.

Luxury showers
Little changes to the bathroom can make a big difference. A prime example is the installation of a shower pump. This innovative item takes the hassle out of washing simply by raising the water pressure in order to get your shower working at its top performance. It also means that if water is turned on elsewhere in the house, you won’t get that burst of freezing cold h2o.

If you’re not clear on what a shower pump can do to add luxury to your home, why not browse shower pumps here for a complete range of stylish products. Bear in mind that if you are considering installing one, you’ll need to have a little space to put it. Airing cupboards and the like make for the perfect hiding place!

Team different textures
Don’t let your home fall flat by using the same sorts of textures in your interior design scheme. Rather than choosing drapes or cushions of the same fabric or shade, opt for a variety of textures in matching colours to get a more professional look. Be careful not to go too crazy with the variation though – stick to the same shades of your chosen colour, and team your chosen hues with white to get a good balance throughout the home.