The Must-Have Features of a Dream Home

One of the most common measures of success in America is owning a home. When we have reached a financial situation where we can afford to buy or build a house, we feel like we have been successful.
Given the importance of owning a home in our society, then, it’s no surprise that one of the most common daydreams of most people is to own an extravagant home, one with all the features and luxuries that only the most high-end residences possess.
While the specific plans we all wish for can vary a great deal from person to person, there are some things that everyone’s dream home probably has in common.

Amazing Kitchens
What do you get when you cross the fundamental desire to own a home with the fundamental need to eat? You get a fantastic kitchen. The beautiful, efficient, and functional kitchens from Kitchen Design and Remodeling in San Francisco allow their owners to prepare food, socialize, and even to clean up in an environment that’s beautifully lit, spacious, and energy-efficient.
These luxury kitchen designs feature modern, energy-efficient appliances with all the newest features for convenience and beauty. Their floors are durable yet elegant, and work surfaces are large and open, with plenty of space for cutting, mixing, and other preparation tasks.

Indulgent Bathrooms
Another functional area that gets a lot of attention in dream homes is the bathroom. Everyone wants a huge mirror over a vanity with at least two basins. They imagine a massive garden tub or a shower stall with multiple shower heads–or both. Those bathing luxuries will be supplied by dedicated water heaters that assure a quick supply of water at the optimum temperature.
They may see their dream bathroom with skylights to bring in a little of the outdoors, and they’ll probably splurge on a surround sound system to pipe in a little bit of audio relaxation as they soak in the tub or work on their hair. There will be a linen cabinet stocked with plush towels and wash cloths.

Peaceful Bedrooms
We get our best rest at home, so a dream home must have a dream bedroom. Its centerpiece will be a bed, probably a huge one, with enough pillows to pad or elevate every aching, tired body part. You expect a ceiling fan, turning gently at all times and quietly lulling you to sleep. The windows will have heavy, opaque shades to ensure that the morning light doesn’t interrupt your luxurious sleep, but they will still be positioned such that early risers can enjoy the sunrise.
Should you choose to stay awake, there are reading lamps and comfortable recliners, and probably a large TV mounted on the wall or atop a crackling fireplace.
The bedroom will join a dressing area that connects to his-and-hers walk-in closets, each of which is exquisitely organized with a place for every garment, shoe, and accessory you own.

Awesome Recreation
Of course, home isn’t just a place to eat and sleep. It’s also a place to have fun. No dream home is complete without some great recreation.
If you’re going to go, go big. A huge television isn’t enough. You need a home theater, complete with authentic movie theater seats, a thundering sound system, and a sloping floor to offer a great view of the screen.
A bowling alley may also be included in the basement, along with an outdoor basketball or tennis court (brightly lit for midnight games) and a huge in-ground pool with a massive patio around it. Somewhere in the mix will be a permanent brick barbecue with comfortable outdoor tables and chairs.
Everyone has a different idea of a dream home. What’s routine for one income level is an aspiration for a lower one. No matter what we hope to have in a home someday, we all share the desire to be successful and be able to assemble whatever kind of residence most appeals to us.