The Revitalizer – a melting wax lamp that can be used again and again and again

Merve Kahraman, a London based designer has put his artsy mind and creative ideas together to build this brainchild, in the form of a modern, self-recreating wax lamp. The ‘Revitalizer’ is a wax made lampshade with a high voltage bulb that melts the wax over time. The melted wax then falls into the bowl below which also acts as the mold cup and once cooled, the molded, solid wax can be put back as the lampshade. The beauty of this lamp is as the wax melts, the light emitted differs as per the density of the wax and not to mention the different shapes the wax takes as it melts; it’s different and exciting every time and brings the element of surprise to any room! Talking about the Revitalizer, its creator states that the whole idea stemmed as a ‘poetic transformation through metamorphosis’ and to also depict the various stages of life, death and rebirth.

revitalizer-wax-lamp-4Watching this lamp go through its ‘phases of life’ is like watching a phoenix burn to ashes and then watching its newborn rise up from the very same. There might even be a ‘Revitalizer 2’ that allows for better control of the heat and brightness.

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revitalizer-wax-lamp-5In home improvement department, who do you think would take the prize for the most fun idea – this reusable wax lamp or the interactive cloud lamp?

Price of the lamp is on request. You can enquire about it on the designer’s website.


[Via – Designboom]