The Rolls Royce of pool tables here – This one costs $40,000 and is the most expensive in the world

If playing pool is your favorite pastime, then here’s something that may interest you. In pleasing connoisseurs of the game with the best-in-class, high-end Italian billiard designer-Teckell has recently unveiled a mega-luxurious pool table costing a whopping $40k! Yes, that’s right!

Touted as the most expensive pool table in the world, the luxe slab forms part of the brand’s Biliardo Collection. It is created using computer numerical control (CNC) machines and features 15-millimeter glass panels to refract light and a solid oak wooden base that is leveled using 12 screws. The table is further lined with a polyurethane layer under the cloth surface to soundproof it.

Its pockets are made using a flexible polyurethane which allows them to expand as balls drop in and then return to their original shape on being emptied. Connoisseurs can also customize their tables with a top frame made with walnut, hand-sewn leather, chrome or gold and choose from 25 different shades of wool cloth for the table surface.

In addition to the table, the massive $40 K tag also brings with it four cues, a game triangle, a pro-ball set, and a pool cue chalk set. Overall, the Pool Table measures eight feet with the incline of the crystal legs differing slightly between the 9- and 8-feet table sizes. It can be browsed online on the brand’s official website.

[Available at Teckell]

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