The Stella Artois Nova beer dispenser by Marc Thorpe is compact and suave

Sometimes, it’s great to sway away from the scotch and champagne and settle for something a little more exciting. For times like these, a mug full of frothy golden beer is just right! New York-based Marc Thorpe came up with this beer dispenser for Stella Artois that makes the act of pouring a beer a stylish affair. Called the Stella Artois Nova, this unit is self-contained and designed specifically for a counter or bar top. The dispenser makes use of 12-litre glass beer vessels from Stella Artois, instead of the usual beer kegs. Standing 28 inches high, this beer dispenser is modern, compact and extremely simple to use.

The Stella Artois Nova dispenser is made from high-density injection-moulded plastic. The dispenser uses compressed gas, which creates enough pressure for the perfect pour. Apart from this, the dispenser also packs a cooling feature, bringing the beer inside to the right temperature in just four hours. Quoting Thorpe, “Stella Artois Nova brings a new draught experience that celebrates the essence of this culture by bringing the standards, technology and rituals of Stella Artois to life.” This stylish beer dispenser created for Stella Artois is extremely contemporary and sleek, making it the perfect addition for a post-modern living space as well as a more conventional home.

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Note – While the Stella Arois NOVA is a serious piece of technology every beer aficionado would love to have at home, this one’s exclusive to bars, lounges and restaurants.

[ Via : Dezeen]