The traditional cuckoo clock gets a modern makeover

A Cuckoo Clock, the way we know it, may still be hanging over a wall in our grandma’s homes and it is about time the humble timepiece got a makeover of its own. Here to do needful is renowned German artist – Guido Zimmermann with his fresh series called the Cuckoo Block. Through his stirring collection, Zimmerman presents a never seen before take on the traditional design of the classic clock, while still retaining its cherished fundamentals.

The collection mainly draws inspiration from the local brutalist housing blocks as found in Frankfurt and Berlin. Other pieces in the ensemble also ape structures such as Marcel Breuer’s Hotel Le Flaine, and Ernő Goldfinger’s Glenkerry House. As opposed to the traditional elements such as a gable roof, a chimney, and ornamentation like trees, rocks, or the rare waterfall, the new cuckoo clocks display modernistic details of painted apartments with see-through windows and even satellite dishes near balconies in some cases.

Zimmerman’s pieces however, manage to retain some of the nostalgia with a mechanical cuckoo bird and the traditional hanging strings at the bottom. Aesthetically appealing without doubt and are a beautiful ode to the architectural development over the years, the Cuckoo Block sums up modern art in a nutshell. More on the Zimmerman’s diverse projects can be seen on his website as well as his Instagram page.


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