The two laundry appliances you didn’t know you needed until now

Everyone knows how much of a chore it is to do laundry, which is why two companies have decided to do what they can to make things a little easier. One is a portable washing machine and the other is a gadget that folds laundry! We do spend a fair amount of time washing, drying, ironing, folding, and putting away our laundry, so anything that can help out is fine with us. Let’s dive a little deeper and see what these gadgets are all about.

ThinkGizmos TG23 Portable Washing Machine

Pretty much what it says on the box, the TG23 is aimed at those who don’t have the space or money for a full-size washing machine and are tired of heading down to the laundromat every week. Currently priced at $170, the TG23 features two tubs: the washer part (with 3.6kg capacity) and the dryer part (2kg capacity). It’s said that your laundry can be washed and dried within 20 minutes, and the gadget itself is small and lightweight enough that it can be taken with you on camping trips, for example. While you’d still need laundry detergent as normal – something like Persil if you have no clue where to start – it’s said that you simply plug it into an outlet, fill it with water, and then you’re good to go.

It might not be as sleek or powerful as a Porsche washing machine, but the TG23 can still fit a lot more laundry than you’d assume, given the tiny size. In addition, it reportedly doesn’t require as much electricity or water, and it’s a pretty quiet, unassuming little thing. See it on Amazon here.


To combat the dread of having to fold laundry after it’s dried, there finally exists a machine that can do all the work for you. The FoldiMate is actually pretty big, but the gadget will apparently fold and neatly stack your laundry (especially useful for buttoned shirts) in a very short time. So where can you get it? Well, you’ll have to join a waiting list, as the gadget isn’t quite ready to be shipped yet. Also, it will likely cost you at least $1,000, as a definitive price hasn’t been set. Still, if you’ve got the space in your home and the cash to splash, then you may as well remove folding laundry from your chore list.