The worlds smallest collector to store and display your art, watches, jewelry and more

Those who like to collect precious objects should have a safe haven to preserve and display their expensive hobbies. For these discerning collections German safe manufacturer, Döttling, has created a range of exquisite but ultra-safe collector rooms. Their new collector room happens to be the world’s smallest such room with a floor space of just 97 sq. feet.

The fully fortified room has Döttling high-security access: an aramid fiber-filled security door with a steel core and multiple locks. Its walls and ceiling feature contact microphones that pick up even the minutest vibrations. Another cool feature is that the door to access the safe room mimics the walls of the room it is located inside. That means only those who already know the location of the room can find it, a bit like the secret door behind a bookshelf in all the spy movies you’ve watched. A fingerprint reader hidden in the vicinity of the collector room offers access inside.
When you open the door the indirect lighting integrated in the coffered ceiling fades in slowly to set the interior of the collector room in the proper light. The room offers a number of spaces and displays for jewelry, watches and watch winders along secret compartments for other precious items.
You can learn more about collector rooms at Döttling’s website.

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