The Anthony Logistics for Men Shave Set is classy

Want your bachelor pad to exude luxury and class? Why not start by adding a few stylish accessories to your bathroom? The Anthony Logistics for Men Shave Set is not only a stylish looking shaving kit but it also promises to give you the smoothest and closest shave. The award-winning grooming kit provides a clean, buff, shave, and soothes your skin with its exquisite razor and brush duo. The stylish set includes a solid classic stand, sleek razor, and a luxurious badger-hair brush, all plated with nickel of the highest quality. The shaving brush helps to lift beard hair away from the face to give you that clean and neat shave. The razor is compatible with the Mach 3® Blade by Gillette.

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A great set, it not only looks great but also makes you look great!