The Concoon is a world-class spa capsule for your home

Waterbeds offer you comfort in your bedroom, without actually getting wet. But if you want to get the same stuff into your home spa you need to have something that is quick, comforting and fits in your home decor. If you are looking for options, the Concoon by Wasserbetten is just what you need for “relaxation and rejuvenation”. The bed boasts of a unique ITW water mattress that gives you a feeling of “weightlessness”. The bed also comes equipped with ITW sound system that gives sound options like surround sound, sound waterbed that work with or without headphones.

The bed vibrates using transmission with a set up which are conducted “by membrane vibrations in the water mattress”. Finished with lighting with the help of inner membranes, just 20 minutes and you’re as fresh as a flower. Click here for details.

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