The extravagant PC Mod from Popular Mechanics boasts of a glycol liquid cooling system

The PC mod from Popular Mechanics is as extravagant as it can get. Fitted with equally extravagant hardware, this beast from PopMech is anything but modest. The hardware includes a 4 GB of Kingston HyperX DDR3 RAM, a GeForce GTX 280 graphics card, two 300GB, 10,000RPM VelociRaptor HDDs, and an Antex kilowatt power supply- all centered around an 3.0-GHz Intel Core 2 Quad processor. But it’s the transparent case that takes your breath away. The main structure of the desk is made up of two acrylic panels, secured to a custom-built aluminum frame. A glycol liquid cooling system controls the temperature and sucks the heat from both the main processor as well as the graphics card. The finishing touches are added by a custom-built Synaptic touchpad. The overall effect is for all to see.

So if extravagance is your style, PopMech’s PC mod is the way to go for you.

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