The Fireside Tool Set with Floor Stand by Peter Maly: Perfect complement for your fireplace

Pyromania is defined as an urge to start fires to relieve tension purposely. Well, if you are a confessed pyromaniac who also has a passion for all things luxurious, then here is something that will definitely interest you. The Fireside Tool Set with Floor Stand by Peter Maly is a beauty that is sure to light up the fires of desire within every pyromaniac. A luxurious set of tools, you will definitely find it hard to resist the charms of the leather-wrapped handles that beautifully complement the matte stainless steel finish of the tools. Sure to enhance the beauty of your fireplace, this contemporary set of tools is truly a class apart. The set includes tongs, poker, shovel, and a matching stainless steel floor stand. The set of tools have also won the Good Design Award and the iF Product Design Award. The perfect adornment for your hearth, this exquisite set of tools is priced at $2,099 and available here.

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