The flueless flame effect gas fires by Super Fires for the modern homes

A modern and trendy household needs hi-tech gadgets and products to complement its interiors. And if the good old fireplace can be replaced with something chic and trendy, it will definitely be appreciated, wouldn’t it? So for all those looking to do away with their fireplaces, here’s a great alternative- the flueless flame effect gas fires by Super Fires. Their patented catalytic converter technology allows for a flue-less design. Compact and refined, these minimalist fires are produced using a safe, high-efficiency system that burns natural gas. Basically, it converts carbon monoxide into low levels of carbon dioxide and water vapor. These are usually present in the fresh air. The exterior is elegant yet contemporary and can be adjusted to multiple positioning on any wall or corner. Inside are evenly spread horizontal flames that fit the minimalist exterior. But these cool fires are not just about looks. It even has health benefits for its users. Because the converter is neutralizing malicious factors in the breathing air, common household allergies are kept at bay.

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With no need for cleaning and a life span of 27 years, these fires are sure to warm themselves into your hearts.

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