The La Cornue CornuFé stoves are a must for an artistic kitchen

Whoever said that design and craftsmanship couldn’t be extended to cooking appliances without affecting their performance is in for a shock. The La Cornue CornuFé stoves have proved that art and design can now blend beautifully with your stove. A product of a French company, these stoves are definitely a class apart. The stove in the picture is just one of the many unique stoves that the company has created. The stove has five gas burners (a 17,500 BTU burner in the center, three 12,000 BTU burners, and a simmer burner you can regulate from 600 to 6,000 BTU) and two electric convection ovens with French side-swing doors!

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The stove’s height is adjustable, and it fits perfectly with standard 24″ deep base cabinets. Available in a variety of colors (Provence blue, burgundy, ivory, stainless steel, and black), you also have the choice to choose your choice of fittings from satin chrome or satin chrome with polished brass accents.
Anything but cheap, to afford this designer stove you have to shell out an exorbitant price of $8,600! So if you are ready to set your account back by this enormous sum, get this stove right away from Williams-Sonoma.

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