The Mood Rocking Bed sways as you lay

Summers are best spent outdoors, in the lap of nature. But you also get tired soon as the summer heat drains out your energy. So what you need is a well ventilated and cool room with a comfy bed. You got a plethora of options to pick from too. And to add to the list is a chic and comfortable new bed called Mood Rocking Bed by Shiner. Designed by Joe Manus, it is more than a glorified rocking chair and stands true to its name as you can rock to sleep or set the levels of incline to suit your state of mind with rubber stoppers.

Priced at $2995, the queen-sized can be picked up in a carbon steel frame or a wood base finish. The carbon steel frame is available in black or brushed finish while you can choose from pine, oak, walnut or calico woods. Check out the home site for more designs.

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