The Original Supper set and Marilyn Knives spice up the Lip Service dinner series

A luxurious dinner in the chinaware handed down to you in the lineage is no longer considered classy. This holiday season, why not experiment with something bold and chic that will make your friends talk about it for years to come? Well, then you need to check out the interesting Lip Service dinner series that is made up of The Original Supper and The Marilyn Knives. The Original Supper consists of a “thirteen-piece set of double-sided, hand-painted silverware inspired by 15th century Apostle Spoons, which included a decorative spoon for Jesus Christ and each of the twelve apostles seated at The Last Supper. If you are an atheist, then you are in luck, as Jesus and his apostles have been switched with thirteen female Hollywood icons, ranging from Madonna to Kim Kardashian, with shiny red lips and labia. Madonna can be seen as the Savior Spoon, and Marilyn Monroe is represented by a knife, symbolizing Judas and the kiss of death. The set is double-sided and is described as serving “sex as the original meal ticket and comments on the consumption and exploitation of sexuality in popular culture.” The Last Supper full set is available for $6,500.

You can add more charm to the set with a special edition of The Marilyn Knives. This set of five hand-painted dinner sport Monroe’s lips as envisioned by Andy Warhol’s famed silk-screen portrait in shades of pink to red as is iconic with the star. Each knife costs $850.

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