The Summerhouse Pods bring work and entertainment out into the garden

Have you ever fantasized about having a cute little pod for a private seating in your garden? Well, that dream could come true as the super luxurious Deluxe Summerhouse is here to delight you. The pod comes built in with two sofas that have seating area for 10 members. It has everything to support it- a stainless steel roof to reflect heat and offer shade and a 240v power socket that can power lights and soft color changing mood lighting for different occkasions. The pod is also ideal for establishing a bespoke office or working space in the tranquility of your garden. The pod has two lift-up entrances to the left and right side.

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The larger Rotating Summer House rotates 360 degrees and is fitted with tinted U.V protected polycarbonate windows and doors to provide a distinct identity to the pod. Spacious to accommodate 14 people, it comes with fumeless gel burning fire fitted to the centre of a smoked glass and stainless topped dining table which is complimented with lower storage space. In this pod, the two windows and door slide neatly into the roof. You can even go eco-friendly with the 20watt solar panel and 12volt charging system to run on suns free energy. If you’d like to add your own little twist to the Summerhouse, you could pick up the fabric and material suggestions offered by Ornategarden to deck up your walls, interiors and even flooring. These garden pods are available for £16,500 ($26,500).

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