The World’s costliest cooking pot up for grabs

There is a difference between being a foodie and being a culinary lover. Once you get that sorted, you would know that loving food doesn’t necessarily mean liking pots and pans too. But if you are looking for a way to your man’s heart in style, head over to Changchun, the capital of China’s Jilin Province. The Zhuo Zhan department store at Changchun has put on sale its most opulent cooking pot. Set in pure gold, the pot sports gold handles, and a gold lid, bringing the pot’s weight to 738 grams.

Detailed with 13 diamonds, the Yuan 3.8 million ($587,500) pots come to your doorstep in a Rolls-Royce that you have to return. A spokesperson for Fissler China, the German brand that makes these pots added, “Any buyer of this pot will get our top service. He/she would not only be invited to the top Michelin restaurant in Europe with ten of her/his friends but also the company would deliver the pot to his/her address with a Rolls-Royce.” So much for opulent cooking!

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