These cookware pieces from Le Creuset will spice up kitchen decor

Cookware has long since evolved from being only about utility to becoming a part of the household decor. Modern luxury cookware is all about marrying usability and performance to a sense of aesthetic. Luxury cookware has become a symbol of status and affluence. While not everyone can afford a diamond-studded saucepan, you can still pick up one of these chic cookware for luxury kitchens to add some extra color to your home decor.

Le Creuset Cast Iron Pot
This popular cookware has been around for over 90 years now and has only become more refined. These are quality products cast from molten iron and built to last. The cookware company is all about quality control and rejects almost 30% of their production due to even minute flaws.

After being cast and smoothened these pots are sent in for the 3-hour long multi-step enameling process. With over 50 different shades of colors, you will be spoilt for choices. Their trademark orange color is an inspiration from the color of the molten iron. Not only is it sturdy, durable, and will last you a lifetime but its elegant design and vibrant color will give your kitchen a designer look.

Le Creuset Heart Cocotte
These heart-shaped cast iron pots come with a lifetime warranty and are a perfect gift for your partner on valentine’s day or an anniversary. It is available only in cerise which is a darker shade of red. Apart from being a statement of enduring love, heart cocotte is efficient with a 2-liter capacity and high performance. These pots are beautifully enameled and can work in heat sources from gas, halogen, oven, ceramic, electric, induction, and broiler. This beautiful accent piece comes with a price tag of $270 and is bound to impress anyone who sees it on your dinner table.

Le Creuset Trivets
So you want to protect your kitchen top from getting damaged from the piping hot utensils and want to do it in style? Le Creuset brings you three variations of trivets spread across an 8 shade color palette. The company that defines luxury cookware has come up with an innovative silicone French trivet that has been inspired by the architectural designs of Belle Époque. These trivets will keep your vulnerable kitchen surfaces like natural and polished wood safe from the damage caused by hot pots and spillage. Of course, if you prefer the classic cast iron enameled deluxe round trivets, you can pick one up for $100 and make sure your kitchen retains the sophistication it deserves.

Chess piece salt and pepper mills
Why have boring regular salt and pepper mills when you can have these exotic chess pieces on your table? Priced from $40 to $60 these mills feature a plastic body with a ceramic grinder that is resistant to corrosion. These come with a ten-year warranty and can accentuate your dinner table decor, or be a perfect gift for chess enthusiasts. These come in 12 different shades including the trademark orange and blue/black combination that would look striking against a white tablecloth.

Le Creuset Cast Iron Frying Pan
Le Creuset is famous for its cast-iron cookware. These lend a rustic old-world feel to the kitchen without compromising on its functionality. Its deep frying pan is a perfect example of how the convenience of modern technology has been combined with traditional and classic aesthetics. The Toughened Nonstick line from Le Creuset offers the protection of a nonstick surface that is free of hazardous substances and will never crack or flake. Sticky substances easily glide off, reducing the need for oil and simplifying cooking and cleaning. If you want that classic cast iron look in your kitchen but don’t want to compromise on efficiency then this would be a perfect decor piece for you.

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