This $1500 armchair inspired by Emperor Palpatine’s throne will seduce you to the dark side

May the 4th, the official Star Wars day, is almost upon us, and if you’ve been looking for ideas to get yourself the perfect gift to celebrate the day, then here’s one for you – an Emperor Palpatine’s throne inspired armchair. Regal Robot’s Custom Studio has created this awesome replica of the Emperor’s throne from Return of the Jedi, and it’s all you need to make your office cool again! Although, you might need to put on Palpatine’s robe with the hoodie and occasionally bring on the evil laugh to truly embrace the dark side.

The armchair swivels, has a polished chrome base and two-tone faux leather in black and purple. It measures 46 inches tall x 38 inches wide x 34 inches deep and weighs 75 lbs. The company also offers custom color combinations to match your interior style. Even though the armrests’ don’t have the most ergonomically optimized design for comfort, for $1500 it’s one of the coolest Star-Wars-themed furniture you can buy.


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