This carbon fiber bathtub with mood lighting could be the ultimate bathroom accessory

One of the best design firms in Hong Kong – Alvarae Design Studios has recently unveiled a luxury bathtub that is unlike any other that we have seen before. It comes fitted with LED lights and blossoming colors, making it best bathing gift that technology could ever possibly provide us. The marquee, that has previously delivered some quirky pieces of furniture has outdone itself with the exclusive bathtub and has given us a whole new meaning to bathing goodness!

Christened La Baignoire, a French term for Bathtub, the standalone Alvarae wonder is just as good as it sounds. It is designed by master designer Charles Wan who has given the bathing tub strong sweeping lines and a unique sculptural shape, making it an epitome of luxury and sophistication. It is further constructed using a dungeon full of complex materials including LED lighting in its interior and a bridge base constructed using Nano Technology.

In spite of its complex structuring, the La Baignoire weighs just 15kg, nonetheless boasting the strength of steel. It can further be custom coordinated to match your bathroom surroundings, with its concealed LED lighting further brightening the mood with bright colors in a choice of red, blue, green, pink or sleek black. The La Baignoire costs approximately $37,900 USD exclusive of shipping and taxes and can be purchased on the official Alvarae webpage.

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[Available at: Alvarae Via:Trendhunter]

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