This Crab inspired chair is creepy and unique

When it comes to furniture, we’ve pretty much seen it all. Believe us, living room seating comes in all shapes and sizes including skulls, beetles, toads and even hippos. Those in the business of home décor seem to always be in the mood to shock and awe their fans, because we certainly were awed when we saw this “Giant Red King Crab” Sculptural Chair from Design Toscano. Bright red and almost scary in its detail, the chair is created from fiberglass-reinforced resin and has been hand-painted part by part.

crab-chair-2The chair was originally priced at $749, but is currently on sale for $599. It weighs 117 lbs. and is about 28 inches high. According to the website it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. We wouldn’t shell out $600 for this chair (let’s be real, I could buy new shoes in that much) but we can imagine this as quirky seating at a seafood restaurant or at one of those aquatic themes parks.

crab-chair-3Secretly, we think it would make the perfect present for that annoying cousin who forgets your birthday every year.

[Available at Design-Toscano]

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