This is one of the coolest snooker table we have seen in a long time

Pool tables are almost as eccentric as high street fashion, if you observe its design heritage very closely. We have seen futuristic, glass table legs and Mustang pool tables. We are also seen opulently ugly tables and pool tables swimming in the middle of a swimming pool. The Royal Pool Table by Portugal luxury furniture brand Boca Do Lobo is a playful variety. Playful and traditionally intricate with futuristic strokes. The table is a yin-yang of past and the future with one side baroque and the other side geometric patterns with patchwork designs. The table is a replica design of the prime dining tables of the brand.

The makers urge patrons to enjoy a balance of work-life with this jazzy pool table. Work hard, they say, and play harder. If you are wondering the personality type that would best suit this table for, it is undoubtedly Christian Grey of 50 Shades of Grey. So now you get a clearer picture of playing harder I suppose. Yes, all puns intended. The table will cost you $25,830.


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