This luxe chair created from the engine of a Boeing 737 will transform your living space

If you’re a furniture enthusiast or are simply looking to revamp your home, check out this uber-luxe chair by Airline Furniture specialists – Plane Industries! Made by utilizing the engine cowling of a Boeing 737, the aviator chair is perfect for modern contemporary interiors and is certain to add oomph to any room its placed in.

The Cowling Chair, as it is rightly called features mirror-polished aluminum with a dark, suede interior. It is further affixed with a Spun aluminum shroud and fiberglass. While the standard version is available in all black, the color of the chair’s shell and upholstery can be customized as per the buyer’s liking. The premium piece of furniture has been designed, built, and finished in the UK and is available for purchase for $28,000.

Measuring 2000 mm (Height) X 2100 mm (Width) X 2200 mm (Depth), the chair is an impressive unit of airplane art and is ideal for a modern home or office. Although designed using the highest quality materials, the polished aluminum calls for care and is suggested to be kept dry and dusted as far as possible. Well if airline-themed furniture with a luxe twist is your cup of tea, this one’s worth the buy!

A sneak peek of the Cowling Chair

[Available at Plane Industries]

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