This massive skull chair is what you would want for this Halloween

Game of Thrones fans who have been grousing ever since the show got over and are missing the presence of an imposing throne in their lives, there’s a skull of a silver lining here. Why skull? Cause it’s a skull chair! It would give any other throne a run for its money as its super eerie, especially with Halloween around the corner; I wouldn’t want to rest my dear derriere on anything else. This jumbo-sized, skull-shaped chair by Hong Kong-based design brand ChicsinDesign looks menacingly horrifying placed in the corner of a room, but it’s not there simply for effect. You can use it as a regular chair though it won’t seem conventional to onlookers. Simply prise open its movable jaw and sit inside it. Now that’s a sentence that is as eccentric as the mammoth skull chair.

Skull chair is made from polyester thread, an inflatable exercise ball, a metal frame, and a water-filled base. It comes flat-packed and can be stored away when not in use. The outrageously eerie Skull Chair can be bought for $449 from Etsy. Halloween just got skull-tastic!

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[Available at Etsy via MyModernMet]

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