TM Italia’s Petra and Mondrian kitchens are not just an amazing sight!

Here are some kitchen designs that are gonna make you hate your current kitchen and that is a given. TM Italia presents the Petra and the Mondrian kitchens to showcase their latest customised, exclusive kitchen designs and are the people behind your new-found hatred for your present kitchen. Both designs have mastered the art of stealing hearts with the travertine stone-constructed Petra is inspired by the power of nature and corian-finished Mondrian by Cubist Art…now that’s called beating your heart, thanks to art! When you wish to use the kitchens, you can simply use the remote control operation to remove work tops and covers to reveal the functional areas underneath! One touch will reveal the appliances and other essentials for modern cooks.

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It’s a neat contraption, and quite literally so as The extractor hoods, the faucets, and even a computer monitor to connect the Internet are all neatly hidden away behind moving parts. Two great designs…one great mind… TM Italia!!