Tokheim 39 – The Ultimate Entertainment Centre

The Tokheim 39 Series Entertainment Centre is a fully licensed Replica Gas Pump Entertainment Center that is a perfect way to enhance your office, game room, garage, or business. These are the highest quality pump replicas available in the market today and each one is handmade at the time of your order in the United States. These pump replicas were originally produced throughout the 40s and 50s and the Tokheim 39 was once a familiar sight at gas stations across the States. This custom cabinet features all the exterior parts of a replica pump, but we have sized the face to show your favorite show on a 13-inch screen (TV not included). Features include adjustable shelving, locking the front door, exterior-mounted 6 in-car stereo speakers, and a coaxial cable outlet. All you need is to get all your electronics and you are ready to rock! Put in a receiver and listen to the radio or CDs!

This model features clean lines and chrome accents. As compared to other series, the Tokheim 39 is popular for residential use due to its convenient height of 6ft and 4 inches and is 2 feet wide and 20 inches deep. This unit comes fully assembled and is not a kit. With a high gloss gel coated finish, it has a decorative gas nozzle with the hose and weighs 145 lbs. This center is priced at $1,775.

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