Toto fashions a hi-tech toilet museum in Japan

When we cruise through a museum, we’re usually aspiring to get a glance at perhaps artifacts or maybe a selection of priceless artwork. Well, Japan has something undoubtedly distinctive in store for you museum buffs! Toto, the world famous toilet artisan has bought and designed a space as a tribute to the history of plumbing! And yeah, we’re not joking! If you want a speedy verbal tour, let me tell you what you can expect in this one-of-a-kind exhibit; while an extensive exhibit highlights the history of toilets, one can view latrines of all types from around the world, and a library completely stocked with every toilet-related reading material you can think of.

Opening its doors to public tomorrow, one could effortlessly articulate that it resembles a futuristic toilet in view of its white and gently curved exterior! Shinzō Abe and his government are essentially bearing in mind that this could be a potential tourism booster for the fragile economy!

[Via – Travelandleisure]

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