Tower fire: An eco-friendly outdoor fireplace

Here is an outdoor fireplace that will definitely appeal to every environmentalist. A product of The Fire Company, this eco-friendly outdoor fireplace, is known as the Tower fire, is definitely great. The company is leading the way in terms of innovation and style when it comes to outdoor open fireplaces since 2002. Fueled by renewable modern energy (Denatured Ethanol – absolute alcohol/ Methylated Spirits), which burns clean and is virtually maintenance-free, this fireplace promises to be a great alternative to outdoor gas heaters and fires. A beautiful design, the fireplace boasts of a stainless steel burner, is surrounded by a toughened glass for safety.

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The eco friendly fireplace measures H1403mm x W420mm x D420mm in size and is priced at £3,755 ($5,329). A tad too much but nothing is too expensive when it comes to saving the planet, isn’t it?

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