Toyo Kitchens Crystal Studded INO Meulable

Toyo Kitchens are well known for the most stylish and luxurious kitchen designs. The Japanese company has wooed its customers not just in Tokyo but also in London. And nowhere is a look at one of their best kitchen designs. Known as INO Meulable, it emits class and luxury. Every handle is fully embellished with Swarovski crystal rhinestones and is designed like kitchen jewelry to highlight your space. The crystals give this design a subtle yet classy appeal instead of a loud bling effect. The designers have paid attention to every minute detail giving its customers only the best. The Toyo Kitchens experience and understanding of the modern world can be attributed to their designs’ success.

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In addition, what makes Toyo Kitchen Style number 1 is its belief that kitchens need to be beautiful, as they occupy an important place in our living space.

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