Traversing your home just got easier and sophisticated with the Terry Lift in-home elevator

Here’s something you don’t read about every day, a new advancement in home-elevators. Sure that sounds a bit strange but for those living in multiple story homes, the climb from the ground to the top level, especially for older family members, can be quite a task. And that’s where the guys from London-based firm, Terry Lifts, come in. Not only have they designed a simple and easy to set up in-home elevator system, but they’ve made it look good too.

home elevator from terry Lifts 2
Utilizing some state-of-the-art technology the lift is designed to occupy minimum space but offer optimum support for those who would need to use it in a rather stylish format. From a backup battery to help keep it moving even during a power outage to specialized breaking pads (pressure sensitive safety surfaces) that will ensure your pets or little kids don’t get hurt, Terry Lifts have thought of everything. It’s a very ergonomically designed space that may look a little like a shower enclosure sitting in your living room or corner of your home, but it is in fact a fully functioning elevator that’s elegantly designed and well constructed so as to avoid being an eyesore and still provide practicality and comfort.
home elevator from terry Lifts 3
The company considers it as future-proofing for your home; when you reach those formidable years and the long, arduous climb from your lounger to your bedroom upstairs is a major decision you need to make, this lift will make it so much easier; and let’s not forget hauling those heavy shopping bags up a flight of stairs after a hard day of mall-crawling. The company offers the set up in a range of colors and finishes to match your home décor and they also promise that installation will be quick, easy and would require minimal building work and/or alterations to your home. The lift has been designed to mange up to 550 lbs (250kg) with enough space to carry two individuals.

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Think of it this way, if nothing else, at least it lets you make a pretty neat entrance to a party.

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