Unique Chanel sofa with interlocking Cs for $8500

If you are a Chanel fan, you had better pay attention to this. A/D One store in Palm Springs, USA, offers a beautiful seating piece that was made especially for a Chanel event. What is more, this unique sofa designed in the shape of the Chanel logo has also been featured in Chanel’s various commercials. One-of-a-kind large scale seating unit for every Chanel fan, it is a great way to flaunt your love and loyalty for this brand. Sure to make a unique centerpiece, this sofa promises to attract attention no matter where it is placed. Said to be in good condition (with a few blemishes that are repairable), this sofa made from vinyl is a must-buy for every Chanel fan. This exclusive Chanel seating unit is priced at $8,500.

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