Uovo Black Pearl Mirrored Chandelier will blow you over

I have a fetish for chandeliers, shining and extravagant. The beautifully carved drops of crystals look like stars shining in the night. And if you haven’t gotten something as mesmerizing as what I described, then an “exquisite mirrored chandelier” is now up for grabs. Created in collaboration between Lasvit and Czech product designer Rony Plesl, the Uovo Black Pearl looks absolutely stunning. Crafted through glass-blowing techniques, this large-scale chandelier truly a work of art that reflects light via many mirrored spheres. “Uovo” is Italian for “egg,” the chandelier can be picked up in gold and silver finishes and features virtually invisible wires to hold it in place.

Available in two sizes the, the large version is almost two meters tall, 1.2 meters wide and 130 kilograms in weight; while the smaller unit is 1.2 meters high, 800 meters wide and weighs 100 kilos.
[Lasvit via Trendir]

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