Vespa scooters get a new life as smart office chairs

Indeed it is true that there’s always room for creativity. You would agree to this when you have set your eyes on the new “Vespa Chair” creations by a team of young artists from Bel & Bel. The studio-workshop in Barcelona has very efficiently and interesting engineered the stylish chairs off non-working Vespa scooters. And yes, we love the look of it! So what if you couldn’t own the classic scooty – Vespa? You might as well ride the smart office Vespa swivel chair. Constructed old Vespas, the chair sports front shields and spare parts from the scooter, which have been padded and upholstered with leather to create a vintage look.

Along with an armrest for comfort, the Bel & Bel boys haven’t forgetten to fit in flashing lights to complete the retro look. What a way to go with old scraps, I’d say.

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Original Vespa chairs from Bel & Bel would retail at $2866. Hurry!

[ Via : Thegadgetflow]

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