Wake up to the scents of a Parisian café with this fragrance based alarm clock

A new alarm clock promises to awaken you in the most gentle and appealing way possible by using scent instead of sound. We’re used to buzzing, ringing, beeping and even our favorite top 40 tracks, but the Sensorwake alarm clock uses the delicious aroma of freshly-baked croissants and coffee to rouse you from your slumber. You may fall asleep in your own bed, but you’ll wake up every morning to the scents of a Parisian café.

Users must purchase “scent capsules” which are cartridges that provide the aroma that the clock diffuses. You can choose from scents such as Chocolate, Peppermint, Espresso, Croissant, Seaside, and Lush Jungle. Then simple slide the capsule into the slot on the clock and go right to sleep. In case you’re too deeply asleep to be affected by the rousing smell, the clock also has an emergency sound alarm that’ll ring after three minutes of scent diffusion.

The clock is currently being shown at CES Las Vegas 2016 Promotion and if you’re smart you’ll make use of the promotion that Sensorwake is offering. Currently, you can pre-order the clock for $89 but soon enough the price will revert to the original $109. Scent capsules are available in packs of two for $10 and each lasts for about 30 “awakenings”.

[ Pre-order at : Sensorwake ]

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