Wake’n’Bacon is sure to drive away your sleep

Alarm clocks are a necessity in my life. My biological clock is pretty messed up, so my sleep patterns are all over the place and an alarm is much needed. Although, when the shrill siren-like alarm goes off, all I wanna do is throw the clock out the window. It makes me bubble with annoyance! But my mood might be considerably better if the harsh sound is accompanied by some delicious smelling bacon. In fact, Wake’n’Bacon is nice enough to let the bacon do the trick first, followed by a tiny alarm for good measure if it doesn’t work. What you have to do is put a frozen strip of bacon before you go to bed and it’ll start cooking 10 minutes before wakey time. The smell of crispy bacon is sure to get you.

I think Wake’n’Bacon is the most innovative alarm clock I’ve ever come across. Also, I love that it is hog face shaped.

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