Want to sleep like a baby? Here is the best mattress technology of 2020

Believe it or not, mattresses have only been around for just over a century. While our backs are certainly forever grateful for this invention, it is fair to say that not all mattresses are created the same. In fact, some can do our backs more harm than good. We have actually come a long way since that original box-spring mattress first hit the stores back in 1904.

Technology actually has a great deal to do with it. Whereas lumps and bumps used to be commonplace in even the best-intentioned mattresses, they are mostly a thing of the past today. As we look forward past 2020, here is the best technology related to mattresses that we now have.

Fabric That is Celliant Infused
You might think that the inside of the mattress is the most important, but what lies on top is equally as vital when it comes to your comfort. When you have a celliant-infused fabric on your mattress, your body temperature will be much more regulated as you sleep. This allows you to feel more comfortable from the moment that your head first hits the pillow. This technology is known to help people fall asleep much faster, so you will want to give it a try and see what you think.

Foam That is Plant-Based
Traditionally, most foam mattresses have been made from either polyurethane or latex. Lately, technology has made some tremendous breakthroughs in terms of using plant-based materials to create foam. This includes such components as soybeans and a variety of other vegetables. The results have been amazing. These plant extracts are now being infused into other foam mattresses to create an even better platform for getting a great night of sleep.

The Mattress in a Box
It used to be quite difficult to ship a mattress. They are, after all, quite big. Technology has now evolved to the point that certain types of memory foam can actually be compressed. This allows the mattress to be rolled up and then shipped directly to the consumer in a box. This is great if you live in an area that does not have many bedding shops around. You can have a quality mattress delivered right to your doorstep in a matter of days.

Making Use of Organic Latex
Some mattresses now make use of organic latex. This is a sustainable material that is derived from rubber trees. The actual trees are not cut down. Instead, the rubber and latex are just tapped out of them. This is a great way to enjoy a comfortable mattress knowing that the materials used in its construction did not harm the environment.

Using Hybrid Materials
You will also find that many mattresses are made with a hybrid of materials. This includes latex and memory foam. Some will combine foam and cotton, while others will use latex or polyurethane foam. All of this is combined into one mattress that is more comfortable than you ever before dreamed possible.

Now that you know about all of this new technology, it is time to consider getting a new mattress for yourself this coming year. It is a great time to do so. Many mattresses will now give you and your back more than a decade of peace and deep sleep. Sweet dreams!

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