Wanted to really feel you are on top of the world – Try this exclusive ‘cloud chair’

As kids, most of us dreamt of soaring high in the sky and making friends with the clouds! And giving us a fair chance to do so now is Okinawa-based designer Shota Urasaki with a one-of-its-kind ‘cloud chair’. Inspired by a moving cloud raining over a distant coastline, the chair aims at physically creating the experience of sitting on a fluffy cumulus cloud.

Created using tufts of polyester fiber, pierce-fitted into a polyurethane foam block, the chair offers a soft and relaxed seating experience. It is elevated using multiple metal rods and stainless-steel supports that look like long streams of rainfall along with a mirror at the bottom for added eclectic appeal. The seat comes with no backrest or armrests, although the fluffy center more than make up for any loss of comfort.

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Commenting on it, Urasaki in a statement said, “I think there are many people who have imagined when they were children that they could sit on clouds. I realized that imagination. Poetic products enrich the emotions of users. In addition, this product makes the surrounding space visually enjoyable.”

Not a mere fragment of Urasaki’s imagination, the ‘Cloud Chair’ is an award-winning design. It was bestowed with Gold A’ Design Award, by A’Design Award & Competition and praised otherwise by many within the art fraternity. Ideal for home-offices or drawing rooms, this (the Cloud Chair) is what heaven for the bottoms probably feels like!

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[Via: Mike Shouts]