Why You Need Home Automation In Your Life

In a fast-moving world, we are becoming busier by the minute; we rely on technology to help us with smaller tasks and little conveniences, making our days easier and our nights more relaxing. From daily reminders and online bookings to virtual meetings and digital money transfers, we now depend on our smartphones and integrated services like never before. The next logical step would definitely be integrated smart homes.

While home automation may sound expensive, or like something only super tech-savvy homeowners would be in – in reality, it can actually work for everyone. With simple interfaces and user-friendly applications, home automation today has become highly customizable and scalable, with the potential to make everyone’s lives that much easier, in varying packages that suit every budget. Here are five reasons why many people decide to deploy home automation systems.

Safety and Security
Everyone wants to feel ultimately safe in their own home, and the high costs of installation and monitoring pose an obstacle to many. Because home security is a priority for everyone, home automation experts offer several solutions that often come complete with security features that are both smart and affordable. These may include smart locks, intruder alarms, security cameras, as well as alerts that can be sent to your smartphone. Not only do these options serve while you are at home, you also count on them when you’re away. With tools as simple as cameras and an internet connection, you can monitor the status of your home and the safety of your kids from anywhere in the world.

Energy Savings and the Environment
Many households spend hundreds of dollars per month on utility bills, and in a time when we all should be more environmentally aware, home automation can jump to the rescue. This technology grants users the option to reduce power consumption – and avoid unnecessary energy expenditures – by activating energy-saving features like turning off lights or lowering thermostats automatically when they’re not being used. Think of how your laptop goes to sleep mode to save energy when you’ve been away from the keypad for a few minutes.

In this scenario, it is achieved through a number of simple tools, like sensors connected to lighting systems and AC/heating devices. Another method is user-friendly apps on your phone, allowing you to switch everything on and off with a press of a button.

Speed and Convenience
Back in the day, we used landline phones and had to dial a number one digit at a time, while today, we just gently press a contact’s name on the screen and their number is dialed. It’s as simple as that; many tasks at home that are simple and repetitive in nature, and can be performed automatically – or with fewer steps – through the various features of a home automation system. Home automation appliances serve a myriad of control functions like lighting, dimming and mood setting; AC and heating; home cinema; WiFi connectivity; as well as security and CCTV features.

Improved Accessibility
Another great use for home automation is to improve access for people with reduced mobility or physical disabilities. Controlling lights, electrical appliances and entertainment systems using voice commands or smartphone apps can significantly enhance independence and improve quality of life for senior citizens and people with certain health conditions. The people at custom controls give great insight into what kind of options are available and how they improve accessibility.

Increased Property Value
Home automation technologies are quickly growing in popularity, and homebuyers are now realizing the importance of such features, increasing the demand for homes that technologically ready. Accordingly, homeowners are now using home automation as a differentiation factor while selling their property. By deploying a home automation solution, not only will you be benefiting from the day-to-day perks of using the help of this amazing technology, but when the day comes, you will be able to attract more interest in your property and have a real edge.

Integration for Everyone
As you may have thought while reading this piece; you might already be using some smart appliances and gadgets in your home. By integrating the items in your home into a sophisticated automation system, you will maximize the smart technology ‘s potential, making the best use of your investments, while seamlessly streamlining basic, everyday tasks in your home.

On the other hand, home automation can be a lot of fun, and a huge learning experience for the kids. While having fun may not be the primary reason to invest in a home automation solution, there is nothing better than hands-on training and a live showcase of what technology can do, and how to make the best of it.

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