Take a look at Wiebke Meurer’s fascinating filigree tableware

There is something so elegant and classy about filigree. For those of you who couldn’t agree more, here’s an insight into revered artist Wiebke Meurer’s recent “lace-inspired” work that will leave you asking for more. Taking her fascination for European design to a whole new level, the German sculptor presents tableware such as bowls, saucers, tea cups, and silverware in a whole new filigree avatar.

Meurer cuts artistically into the gold and silver objects to produce these elaborate filigree designs. While the once-functional utensils are stripped of all utility, they are converted into delicate works of art, that are far more treasurable. Post their creative re-incarnation, the 18-century cutlery can at the maximum be used to serve solids like full fruits, as liquids and runny foods would slip right through its organic-looking design. In support of her deconstructive art, Meurer opines – “I explore traditional ways to design objects, not to stick to tradition but because I use tradition as my starting point for my creative strategies. I’m not concerned about the restoration of the broken object: I want to deconstruct it, to reach the heart of its integrity and reinvent it, both formally and functionally.”

Meurer who mainly works with porcelain, precious metals, and other natural resources, is a trained jewelry and object designer. Her work is often exhibited in distinguished places ranging from Stedelijk Museum to Saatchi Gallery in London to Gustavsberg Konsthall, Sweden, to Art Genève, Switzerland and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. While you can catch a glimpse of this exclusive work on her website, the prices for these ornate beauties remain undisclosed as of now.


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